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So Morrissey came. i've yet to go into grave detail about his new album and i will one day, and that is a threat you can count on.

i will say since i'm a setlist watcher by nature NOTHING surprised me and maybe that is what disappointed me about the show. i feel since he's only been on tour a few weeks he would've changed it up a tad by now and he hasn't yet. This is the first tour i've seen with a bit of a more consistent setlist which is a shame. 

Mikey came with me, our seats were nosebleed which was fine since we were in the beautiful
Academy of Music. The deal about the nosebleed seats there though is the higher you the more removed you feel which may have affected my feeling on the show but i'm still not sure. We missed the first act which was fine with. Mikey only knew a few songs and asked me just about every song "what is this one called?" and "is it old or new?" which i think would've annoyed me but i found it adorable. The intermission was great! Instead of music he played videos of all things that are so Morrissey, 50's greasers, old glam rockers, random English b&w films, it was GREAT.
While the show itself was strong and peppered with some songs i never thought i would ever hear live,  the last two times i saw Moz were so emotional this one just couldn't top it.


This Charming Man
 WOW! i never, ever thought i would have heard him play this ever. He hasn't played it since 84-84? i almost cried, and then i almost cried when the usher made the douche bags in front of us stand up for half the song.

Billy Budd
Very Happy he's playing this again. He changed it from 12 to 30 years on.

Black Cloud
One of the best songs off the new album, maybe my favorite, it was so strong live!

How Soon is Now?
i remember when this was a shocker to play and now 4 years later its become a standard in the setlist. The crowd went really nuts and the extended ending with the drums was astounding!

Irish Blood English Heart

i've NEVER thought this song sounds as good live as it does on the record, it feels slowed down a beat, and while i still felt that tonight it was the best i've ever heard it.

Let Me Kiss You
Possibly my favorite song of YATQ done beautifully. He threw off his shirt at the end of the song and the crowd went bonkers. i said to Mikey "when was the last time a 49 year old man did that to a crowd?"

I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
The new single off the new album, he's been playing it for a few years and it is now starting to grow on me.

How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel?
GRRRRRRRRRRRR! i didn't realize until i looked back at the past setlists i've seen but he's played this at every concert i've seen.

Seasick, Yet Still Docked
WOW this was beautiful live. Its very powerful on record but the piano adds so much. WOW!

The Loop
i was SO HAPPY to hear this! So random and rockabilly rockin. Much stronger live than on the record. 

I Keep Mine Hidden
Another WOW moment. The last Smiths song ever recorded and a rariety at that. Its not a great song by any stretch but still was awesome to hear.

One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell
....yay.......uh....yay.....this underwhelming new song....yay

The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores
i really like this song and should listen to it more. i still think this song sounds like it should be in a musical.

Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself?
i cried when he played this. i dids.

WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS WAS AMAZING!!!!!

Best Friend On The Payroll
One of my least favorite songs on one of my least favorite albums. Of all the songs he could've played off
Southpaw he played this....yawn.

The Death of a Disco Dancer
Such a random Smiths song, i don't know if this was ever played live with The Smiths before or not, but it was interesting to hear. Its a song you tend to skip but is really powerful when you listen all the way through.

Sorry Doesn't Help

Strong version.

Something is Squeezing My Skull
This song makes me laugh.

I'm OK By Myself
He could've ended with something stronger.

First of the Gang to Die
Mikey was happy he played this (which i was shocked he knew what it was) although with all the stage crashers and stuff he forgot the words and started to sing "i've forgotten the words" and i don't think he ever found them again until maybe the last line. Funny moment to end the concert.  While it was a satisfying ending the last two shows ended so emotionally that it was kinda anti-climactic.

All in all a strong show of songs i NEVER thought i would hear live, and some very strong standards, mixed in with some underwhelming songs which made this concert good but not as great as the last two!
My Morrissey Concert Experiences on LJ:

We will always have Harlem!

In the town they forgot to bomb...





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